Trailer and Truck for sale

Truck, trailer, and generator: Asking $36000. Negotiable. Could be sold separately.
Truck: $8800
Trailer+Generator: $29,900
Generator: Honda EU-7000is generator. Currently not being sold separately. New price about $5000. Good luck finding a used one for under $4,000. Frankly, it's such a good unit I'm tempted to keep it.
All commercial kitchen equipment also for sale. Still working on inventory with pictures.
last update: 2019-06-18@13h41


Trailer right: closed:

Trailer right: open:

Trailer left: closed:

Trailer left: open:

Trailer front: gas system: (2x100 or 4x40 or 1x100 + 2x40)

Trailer panorama inside right: (it's brighter than it looks...)

Trailer panorama inside left: (again, brighter than it looks)

Trailer inside storage unit (tool chest with stainless steel counter)

Trailer inside cooler: QDB

Trailer inside Garland Sunfire range:


2002 Ford F350 Lariat. Long-bed, dual rear wheel, 5th wheel rails hitch included. Ford stiff steering problem resolved(!!). 289000km. 7.3L diesel.