Update from limbo…

I haven’t vanished off the face of the planet, it’s just that there’s no news yet. Still working on fixing up my old house so it can be sold at a reasonable price. Either the truck and trailer has to sell or the house has to sell before I can even start looking at a new food truck to continue.

I have no idea when this will happen, and I won’t make any promises I can’t keep.

Still here. Still in limbo.

No decisions, designs, or plans made to continue the business. Trying to see if the food truck is actually a viable business in Port Alberni, or if it’s just a hobby whose ongoing costs pay for themselves but forget making a living at it. So far… could go either way.  Then I’ll have to decide if I care… which is a totally different decision. I really, really enjoyed making crepes and galettes, which will be part of the decision.

Just a quick post to let everyone know I’m not dead… yet. Just resting. Pining for the fjords. That sort of thing.

Closed until truck is fixed

Went to start work today, and it seems the truck has decided to spill its guts. Or at least its oil. So I’ll need to either have it towed back to Nanaimo and give it to my current mechanic, or find another mechanic in Port Alberni. Probably the latter, since I’ll need to do that at some point anyway.

Without power (and, to a lesser extent, grey water disposal) at Tyee Landing, I cannot operate without a truck to tow the trailer every day. So I’m closed until further notice. Again.

If you can’t stand the heat…

The old, rather jaded and hoary adage is “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. In this case, if the billig couldn’t have stood the heat, I would have just had to re-season them. However, the work done in the first year is paying off, and controlling the humidity has in fact been the “secret” to keeping the seasoning in fine shape while the kitchen was not operational.

So the tests are done, two of the three billig are fine and ready to go. The third… needs work. But that’s OK. So now it’s just a matter of finishing up the tidying (which is really a never-ending story, but I can at least get close), stocking up, getting the right paperwork, and getting out there!

One step closer to opening for this year.

Catering version 1.0

Finally! It’s with a fair amount of trepidation that I announce the first Bistro Breizh catering menu. PLEASE let me know of any mistakes, omissions, or blatant “wtf” that I might have missed (or mistakenly added).

Sadly, I know it needs some serious formatting and design attention from a competent website designer. Until then, at least the information is there. Maybe if Bistro Breizh makes a bit more this year I’ll be able to afford to get the website done right?

Catering and more

Having had several requests, I’m working on a catering menu for this year. Planning to experiment with different ways to offer crêpes and galettes, and will be expanding the options for fillings. Will also be introducing different types of salads which might also be available at the window and not just for catering.

I was planning to introduce croissant sandwiches this year. Sadly, the place I’d intended to source my croissant from has recently closed. Which means I need to find another source of “real” (meaning: proper butter croissant made with pâte feuilletée, and not pâte briochée as so many are around here) yet affordable croissants before I can start doing that.

Finally, I’m also considering expanding my options to include areas of France outside of Bretagne. Just because one is magically transported to rural Bretagne when approaching the trailer doesn’t mean I can’t have tastes from other parts of France and beyond.

Start location requests anyone?

Well, I’d hoped to start the season at the Nanaimo Maple Sugar Festival, but it seems they already have someone who makes crêpes (albeit not crêpes bretonne), and the addition of galettes bretonne wasn’t good enough. So… any requests?

This season, starting near the end of February, I’m mainly looking at weekends in fairly busy areas. Events of some kind will be a priority of course. I’m also open to regular gigs, such as providing food for places like Arbutus Distillery or White Sails Brewing. During the week I’ll try to find some regular spots with fairly high traffic that would fill in the gaps nicely. Hard to do in Nanaimo with a trailer since i can’t park on the street, but I’ll find a way.

So far regular appearances at Maffeo Sutton Park looks likely. Piper’s Lagoon on sunny days was great too, although it’s a bit hit-or-miss. A regular appearance further north perhaps? Maybe May Richards Bennett park near the corner of Dover Road and Mary Ellen Drive? I haven’t tried that one yet.

Comment here or on Facebook if you have any requests. In the meantime I’m working on my event applications for 2017, amongst other things.

Aha! If I were superstitious…

Got a lovely mention on Eat Magazine (bottom of the page) at the start of November, only just saw it! Shortly after that, I broke down. I try not to be superstitious, but…

Seriously, it warms the cockles to find someone liked my food enough to write about it! I guess pleasing people’s taste buds is mainly why I do this, so it’s nice to know it’s working.

Trying hard to get back on the road before the New Year, but it’s not looking good at this point. Starting to look at alternatives, like a pop-up tent, or creating a small crepes and galette space in an existing business, but that would require a whole new round of negotiations and inspections and approvals and I’m not sure I have the energy for that!

Have billig, will travel?

Transformations: deep fryers sold!

As I slowly transform the trailer into an actual crêperie, the long unused deep fryers that came with it have now sold. Good luck to the new food truck in town who will be using them!   This gives me more room, and money of course, to do other things. Next step, replace the range hood with a narrower but deeper version so that I get some space back on that side. That is just a first small step.

In other news, both leaks I had before are back, with a vengeance, and the main exhaust fan has now officially broken. The 2016 battle continues, and we’re still closed for a while.