Uncertain schedule. Maybe 1st July, maybe 4th July.

There’s a few variables at play for the schedule:

IF I can fix the grey water problem (have parts, need to tear things apart and rebuild. No problem!), and IF I can find a workaround for the propane tank problem (still testing things), then Bistro Breizh will be open tomorrow, 1st July.  Even though I totally forgot to get a cash register float. Bring exact change!

Otherwise, we’ll be opening around lunchtime on Saturday 4 July.

Check here for more scheduling news as events unfold!

That escalated quickly…

So Bistro Breizh managed to open at about 8 am, after numerous delays due to various small issues.

We shut down at 9:30 am due to… a series of complete, unadulterated, unmitigated, extraordinarily thorough set of disasters that started with being unable to refill the propane tank because the bracket seized and we couldn’t remove the tank, and culminating in a leak in the grey water system.  A system that had been stress tested for a week specifically to avoid this problem.

If you showed up hoping for a galette, my most sincere apologies. And if you tell me that you did show up only to be disappointed then your first galette is free. Really.

We hope to re-open on July 4th, which should give us a few days to track down what went wrong and fix it. Permanently. Somehow.

(pre) Opening Announcement

Everything now confirmed. We’ll be opening to the general public in a “pre opening” mode as of Tuesday. “Pre opening mode” means we’ll be testing things out and won’t be as efficient or organized as we plan to be after the Grand Opening, whose date is still to be determined. For fellow geeks think of it as beta testing prior to the official release.

When: starting Tuesday, 30 June 2015 at 07h00

Days: currently planning Tuesday to Saturday, but weekends will be variable depending on event schedules.

Time: 07h00 onwards for now, subject to change with little notice.  Planning to close at 13h00 but will depend on crowds (or lack thereof).

Location: RONA in south Nanaimo on Maki Road! It’s confirmed!  We’ll be in the parking lot opposite their garden centre.

Almost there!!

I’ve heard from VIHA (Island Health) and if all goes well I should be cleared on 19 May. The gas will be done by the end of the week.

Which means that, if all goes well, I should be operational as of 20 May. Just in time for the event in Victoria on the 21st!!

Will be finding out if RONA still wants me in the near future. If not then I’ll have to find another spot.

Major delays

Well, it was bound to happen. Things were going just too well. We’ve hit a snag and an undetermined delay in the gas fitting for the trailer. We have no idea when it will get done, the trailer only went into the shop last week, a month later than planned, and we haven’t heard back from them yet. The other source of delay is the Island Health food plan. That one is completely my fault due to procrastination and illness.

So Friday 8 May is definitely not happening. Nor obviously was the April pre-opening. At this point, I have no idea when we’ll be able to open. Once we get some information back from the company doing the gas we’ll let everyone know.

Minor scheduling hiccup

Slight change to the plans. Due to a scheduling hiccup where our inspector is away for a week, then we’re away for two weeks, it looks like our health authority application is going to be delayed. Nobody’s fault really, just unlucky scheduling.

This shouldn’t affect our planned grand opening on 8 May, but depending on how quickly things move after we get back it might result in us not being able to do any pre-opening days in late April.

Getting ahead of schedule

Amazingly, we’re about to get at least a full month, possibly two, ahead of schedule! Instead of opening “late may / early june” we’re now geared up for “late april”!

When we first approached the previous owners of the new trailer (yes, yes, pictures soon! I promise!) we negotiated a deal where they would get to use it into May, because they had shows they needed to attend before getting their new food truck. It seems that’s no longer the case. So instead of having to wait until the beginning of May to start refitting the trailer, it looks like I’ll be starting the process in the next week or two. I have NEVER had a project move ahead that fast just on a single piece of news. Usually it’s a struggle to stay on target. Now, we’re way ahead!

It’s a wonderful feeling! I could really get used to this!

So we get the trailer hopefully some time next week. We then start refitting the bits and pieces that need work. It’s all minor stuff, I just needed (ok, WANTED. Pedants.) a slightly different mix of appliances and I need to rework the serving area to accommodate the billig (crêpe griddles).

Which means that, assuming all goes well, the new more aggresive schedule has us kicking off on or around the 24th of April, 2015. In addition to be the first time I’ve been able to fix a date, it’s also going to be one hell of a party! Details to be announced later.


Schedule for Feb/Mar/Apr 2015

We are currently still setting up and are not technically open yet.

The current plan is to be open at the end of May, perhaps the beginning of June. These dates are subject to negotiations we’re currently having with various suppliers.

That said, I’m told we’re having some “taste testing evenings” prior to the official opening.  For some the invitations have already gone out. For others, the door is still open, but in general we’re restricting these to people we know. However, if you’re really, really interested then contact us and make your pitch of why you should be included in the pre-opening taste testing.