Smoked Salmon

So today we tested a new menu item, and we’re really happy with it. As soon as we have refrigeration again it’s likely that we’ll introduce it, at least as one of our recurring “special” menu items.

Introducing: galette with smoked salmon, mild goat cheese, spinach, and red onion.

It’s glorious!

New Menu!

We have updated the menu, mainly by adding a lot more items. We’ll see what’s popular and what’s not, and those that don’t sell will probably be replaced with other things our fertile imaginations (and fervent research) can discover.

Menu for October 2015 (pdf)

[edit] Or check it out on the web site itself.

Not all the menu items will be available all the time, depending on availability of ingredients and a bunch of other conditions. But I’ll try to have as much of it available as possible. See the menu board for details, or just ask.

Menu choices

It’s odd really. There’s a, to me, overwhelming desire to have a long menu where I can hope to please everyone. But then there’s the fact that there’s not much room to store things. Also, I really want to deal with “exceptional finds”, where I suddenly get some wonderful large traditional ham, or maybe there’s a new shipment of rare raw milk cheese that I just had to get a piece of. If I prepare a fixed menu ahead of time, I could do specials,  but again there’s that space thing.

So the decision is made for now. I’ll have a chalk board. It will have room for 2 or 3 savoury galettes that change when I get a new batch of fresh, tasty, high quality ingredients. There will be a couple of sweet crêpes fillings that will also depend on availability. Not forgetting the small number of “the usual pastries” that I’ll make regularly once things settle down. I’ll post the current menu whenever it changes. Some items will be recurring options for when I don’t have a wonderful new find to share. Others will be here and gone, like a young summer passion.

I can only hope people appreciate the approach.