For the new food truck I’m inspired by the following. As you can imagine (and as I’ve discussed with some of you) this is not a new line of thinking. I’ve been imagining this since the first year in operation.

In terms of functionality and practicality, I’ll be looking at the modern version of a traditional French market truck / food truck. Based on a modern front-wheel drive van, it’s practical and economical. The three main brands are Renault (not available here), Citroen (also not available here) and the Fiat Ducato. Which, as chance may have it, is sold as a Dodge Ram ProMaster here in Canada. Something like this:

or perhaps a more square body like this:

However, in my dreams I would use a modernized Citroen Hy van. Last built in the 1960’s [correction: they were built from 1948 to 1981!!], it’s become the iconic French mobile crêperie, and I WANT ONE! Unfortunately, high prices and higher maintenance costs are probably going to put this out of my reach. Especially since I’d need to buy the shell, transport it to Canada, then have someone else effectively replace everything but the body. But darnit, I find them so damned cute! There’s even a 100% electric one somewhere in the UK:

Of course, this being Port Alberni, I might need to have a slightly different version, to whit:

Until later, thanks for reading.

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