Bistro Breizh is CLOSED. Temporarily.

Right. Hi fans. Won’t be cross-posting to anywhere other than my Facebook page. Just a message to my fans.

Although the latest generator loading mishap was annoying, it wasn’t the only thing going wrong with my current setup. I didn’t rage-quit over not being able to load a generator. It was a decision that was made over a few months, and this just triggered it.

Over the last few months I’ve come to the conclusion that the truck and trailer setup I currently have is not suited to where I wanted to take the business. I was going to keep operating until I got some money in from the sale of my house in Nanaimo, then attempt a smooth transition. But over the last month a number of issues have cropped up that require that I either invest much more money in the current setup, which I know will not work in the long run no matter what I do, or stop until I have a better set of tools. I’ve elected to do the latter.

There was some discussion at home about whether I would even continue doing this, or take the money and just create a low-key retirement. But I’ve decided that I love doing it enough to build a better food truck and get back on the road.  Requirements and designs have started being drawn up, and I hope it won’t take too long once I get the money to do it. It’ll be a purely European style cross between a market stall and a food truck, and I’ll post drawings and pictures over time just to whet people’s appetites.

So Bistro Breizh isn’t dead. It’s just resting. I can’t promise for how long it’ll be resting, but I will be back, and Port Alberni (and the region) will have Breton galettes and crêpes again.

Marc Donovan
your local crêpier.

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