Solution designed, part search begins

So a solution has been found to the problem of 12v systems failing. Now I just need to find the one part I’m missing that’s required to implement the solution. I’ll be calling around locally tomorrow to see if someone has what I need, in which case I should be able to open really quickly. Otherwise it’ll have to be mail-order, and I’ll be at the mercy of whatever delivery they’ve got.

Still closed until further notice though.

For those interested in the details, or just curious:

The technical solution, which none of the professionals I’ve consulted have proposed in the 3 years I’ve owned this unit, is to get rid of the 12v system. As far as I can tell I don’t need it. I’ve always had a cooler that requires 110v AC, and needs to be always on. This means that the trailer always has a source of 110v AC, be it through an extension cord, generator, or inverter from the tow vehicle. So I’ll just be getting myself a reliable 110v AC on-demand pump and rip out the 12v system. One less thing to worry about, and I get back the space currently used by the battery pack. I don’t know where the assumption was that I needed a 12v power system in the trailer. It came that way when I bought it, and I didn’t realize that the small pump I used for water had a AC version, not just a 12v DC version. Now I know. There’s a lot of learning in this business…

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