Updated schedule 04 to 08 October

Right, so we have some new information that means we’re going to need to make some modifications to the schedule this week.  For starters, the MRI truck isn’t leaving the hospital until the 14th, so we can’t be there at the moment, although we’re looking at alternative parking locations.

So… schedule.

  • 04 Oct (Wed) 09:30 to 14:00 at Burde Beans
  • 05 Oct (Thur) CLOSED
  • 06 Oct (Fri) 09:30 to 14:00 at Burde Beans
  • 07 Oct (Sat) 10:00 to 14:30 at Burde Beans
  • 08 Oct (Sun) CLOSED

In general October will see us closed more often for a variety of personal reasons I won’t go into here. If all goes well, and with a little luck, we should be back in full operation by the end of October or early November, at which point we’ll be working on an expanded menu including pastries and perhaps some other typical Breton dishes that aren’t crêpes or galettes. Dishes such as potée bretonne, a hearty stew that should go down quite well in winter. We’re also planning to be opened 5 days per week, including some evenings and at least one of Saturday or Sunday, and perhaps at a greater variety of locations. Those are the plans anyway. We’ll see if the plans survive contact with what passes for reality these days.

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