Giving up… on vegetable oil

The traditional seasoning for cast iron surfaces in Bretagne is called “lardigel”. It is a mix of rendered pig lard and egg yolk. When carefully heated, this transforms into a polymerized non-stick surface that is quite durable. This has worked for hundreds of years. Yes, quite literally.

For the past three years I have tried to cater to the vegan and hardcore vegetarian clients by using the “other” seasoning, vegetable oil. Not as durable, but works for some. Unfortunately, it’s not working for me. I’m having to re-season my billig every 100-200 crêpes, instead of every 1000-2000 that lardigel offers. This extra workload is proving to be too much.

So as of the next seasoning (today or tomorrow), I’ll be going back to lardigel as my cast iron seasoning product of choice. I apologize to those who find this objectionable, but I really can’t afford to do it any other way any more.

In scheduling news, we’re open today (Thursday) until 12:30 then reopening from 17:30 to 20:00. Same again on Friday. Saturday we might be at the Glenwood centre for the Toy Run, but having trouble connecting with the organizers. More later.

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