Fair aftermath

So the Alberni Fall Fair was an unqualified success. Lots of people got to try my food, lots of positive comments (thanks!), and got to meet lots of really cool people. Whose names I’ve already forgotten, sorry! But they were great people! I hope to be back next year.

Today (Monday) and Tuesday I am CLOSED. I need a couple of days to recover from the fair.

The schedule for the upcoming week is unsettled. I won’t be at the hospital since the MRI truck is in town. Also, they’ve changed the schedule so that it’s now parked at the hospital for three weeks at a time. It’s great for Port Alberni, not so great for crêpe fans. We’ve been looking at the grounds for an alternative location, but there’s really no room anywhere else at all level for me up there. Looks like I might just have to not be there for three weeks at a time.

I’m kinda-sorta planning to open at Burde Beans on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hours still to be determined. I’ve also been asked to park the rig at other locations, so need to organize that. Overall, the schedule hasn’t been set yet, but I *will* be open Wednesday at Burde Beans. Just check back here for times.

Will post more when I know more. Until then, thanks again to everyone who came by and enjoyed my offerings!

2 thoughts on “Fair aftermath”

  1. Sampled a galette with spinach and goat cheese and savoured every mouthful. Satisfying and delicious. Will bring my wife by at the earliest available opportunity. Aussi, ça m’a fait grand plaisir d’échanger quelques petits mots avec un vrai Breton bretonnant.

    1. Merci! Malheureusement je ne suis pas Bretonnant. Je ne parle pas ma langue maternel. Je ne parle que français, pas le breton. Mais je suis heureux que vous avez aimer mes galettes!

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