New location!

Bistro Breizh will be based next to Burde Beans as of Tuesday, 01 August. Open schedule still needs to be worked out, but currently looking at:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday 09:00 to 14:30 at Burde Beans,
  • Thursday 10:30 to 14:30 at West Coast General Hospital
  • Friday, Saturday 09:00 to 14:30 at Burde Beans
  • Sunday, Monday closed.

The above is highly subject to change as I talk with tje folks at Burde Beans about which days are busier and so on. So expect changes!

No more Tyee Landing

The Port Authority and I have agreed to part ways, and I’ll no longer be setting up at Tyee Landing. So Bistro Breizh is looking for a new location to use as a “main” location when I’m not at events or catering gigs. I’ll still be at the hospital on Thursdays though, except when I’m not due to the occasional unfortunate circumstance.

I’m working on a few possibilities, but if anyone wants to make suggestions it would be useful if the location had the following:

  • Traffic. Needs to have people going by. Foot traffic would be ideal, but vehicle traffic could work.
  • Power. I’d like to be able to leave the trailer at the location overnight. This means I’d need to be able to plug into a standard 15amp plug.
  • To comply with local bylaws, I’d need to be at least 50m away from “brick and mortar” food providers.

If you have any suggestions contact me. In the meantime I’ll hopefully be living in Port Alberni some time in the next few weeks, which will make the search for location(s) much easier! It’ll also allow me to look at opening later in the evening. Or really early in the morning.

And… closed again.

Water leak. Tank empty. Big puddle.

Totally my fault this time. Seems I wasn’t careful enough around my plumbing and damaged a pipe while doing other work. My water system leaked out. At least it’s just water this time, but it’s going to take me a few hours to fix. 20 minutes for the actual repair, 3 to 4 hours to find tools, parts, and everything else I need to make the repair.

So closed today. Sorry again. Also closed at Tyee Landing pending new agreement with Port Authority.

Schedule July 06 to 13

The schedule for the next week is very simple:

Thursday 06 July and 13 July, 10:00 to 14:30 at West Coast General Hospital.

Rest of the time, closed.

The reason is that we are trying to get moved to Port Alberni so that I get more time to develop the business there. Signs, promos, scouting locations, and so on will be a lot easier if I’m not having to commute over two hours a day. It will get even easier if I can find a “usual” location that has power, where I can leave the trailer set up overnight and not have to spend another 2 hours a day setting up and tearing down.

So the first stage is to set up “camp” in the new house while it gets a bit of work done to it before the final move. That, however, will involve some concentrated effort by yours truly over the next week.

Truck fixed! Upcoming Schedule

Seems I don’t know much about trucks. What I thought was oil leaking out was actually an improperly installed fuel filter leaking diesel! Although it apparently picked up some oil from the engine, which is why it was dirty looking. Luckily I’m a much better crêpier than I am a mechanic! G.D. Auto fixed everything up for me, so I’m open again.

Which means I’ll be able to open on Thursday at the hospital after all. However, I’m having second thoughts about opening at Tyee Landing. I’ll know more later.

So the upcoming schedule is:  Thursday, 10:00 to 15:00 at the hospital.

More later.

Closed until truck is fixed

Went to start work today, and it seems the truck has decided to spill its guts. Or at least its oil. So I’ll need to either have it towed back to Nanaimo and give it to my current mechanic, or find another mechanic in Port Alberni. Probably the latter, since I’ll need to do that at some point anyway.

Without power (and, to a lesser extent, grey water disposal) at Tyee Landing, I cannot operate without a truck to tow the trailer every day. So I’m closed until further notice. Again.