Closed again.

So upon being invited to AC/DC, two of my billig delaminated and needed re-seasoning. Spent the day doing that, only to have the seasoning immediately delaminate on those two, AND the third one for good measure. So I have no billig (crêpe griddles) any more.

The pessimist in me is cheering. The rest of me is very sad. And angry. And rather depressed actually. More news later, as I figure out what the hell is going wrong!

One thought on “Closed again.”

  1. On a personal note, I’m gutted. Not only am I unable to honour a commitment, something I take VERY seriously, but it could have been the biggest day of spring for me. It could have made the entire spring actually profitable instead of the barely sustainable exercise it currently is. From both a personal and business standpoint, this is nothing short of a complete disaster, and I’m at a complete loss of WHY it’s happening! Everything I learned in my first year says that controlling humidity was key to avoiding issues like this. Everything I learned in my training says that I did my seasoning RIGHT, merde alors! Yet obviously I did not, because it’s de-laminating as soon as it cools. This is very, very much a huge problem right now, on so many levels!

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