If you can’t stand the heat…

The old, rather jaded and hoary adage is “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. In this case, if the billig couldn’t have stood the heat, I would have just had to re-season them. However, the work done in the first year is paying off, and controlling the humidity has in fact been the “secret” to keeping the seasoning in fine shape while the kitchen was not operational.

So the tests are done, two of the three billig are fine and ready to go. The third… needs work. But that’s OK. So now it’s just a matter of finishing up the tidying (which is really a never-ending story, but I can at least get close), stocking up, getting the right paperwork, and getting out there!

One step closer to opening for this year.

How to disappoint a pessimist?

I’m generally considered a pessimist by many, although I’ll consider myself a “realist” instead. But I can live with the “pessimist” label.  So after contracting to get one of the trailer leaks fixed (for the second time), and letting it sit outside for the last couple of days after plugging in the refrigerator, I just have one thing to say…

Everything seems to work. No leaks (so far). Not even the leak I thought wasn’t going to be fixed until later. The cast iron billig haven’t lost their polymer coatings (aka “seasoning”), although they haven’t been heat tested yet. The refrigerator I plugged in 24 hours ago works just fine. I even have some old flour (buckwheat and wheat) that I can use for testing, although I’ll need to get new batches before I’d be happy serving anything. So all I really need to do is tidy up inside since it’s amazing how messy things get when I’m fixing things all the time, and then start making crêpes and galettes (and chocolate sauce, and caramel beurre salé, and so on) again!

It’s nice, definitely, to have things going right for once. I guess even a pessimist can be pleasantly surprised!

More news soon.