Catering version 1.0

Finally! It’s with a fair amount of trepidation that I announce the first Bistro Breizh catering menu. PLEASE let me know of any mistakes, omissions, or blatant “wtf” that I might have missed (or mistakenly added).

Sadly, I know it needs some serious formatting and design attention from a competent website designer. Until then, at least the information is there. Maybe if Bistro Breizh makes a bit more this year I’ll be able to afford to get the website done right?

Catering and more

Having had several requests, I’m working on a catering menu for this year. Planning to experiment with different ways to offer crêpes and galettes, and will be expanding the options for fillings. Will also be introducing different types of salads which might also be available at the window and not just for catering.

I was planning to introduce croissant sandwiches this year. Sadly, the place I’d intended to source my croissant from has recently closed. Which means I need to find another source of “real” (meaning: proper butter croissant made with pâte feuilletée, and not pâte briochée as so many are around here) yet affordable croissants before I can start doing that.

Finally, I’m also considering expanding my options to include areas of France outside of Bretagne. Just because one is magically transported to rural Bretagne when approaching the trailer doesn’t mean I can’t have tastes from other parts of France and beyond.