Start location requests anyone?

Well, I’d hoped to start the season at the Nanaimo Maple Sugar Festival, but it seems they already have someone who makes crêpes (albeit not crêpes bretonne), and the addition of galettes bretonne wasn’t good enough. So… any requests?

This season, starting near the end of February, I’m mainly looking at weekends in fairly busy areas. Events of some kind will be a priority of course. I’m also open to regular gigs, such as providing food for places like Arbutus Distillery or White Sails Brewing. During the week I’ll try to find some regular spots with fairly high traffic that would fill in the gaps nicely. Hard to do in Nanaimo with a trailer since i can’t park on the street, but I’ll find a way.

So far regular appearances at Maffeo Sutton Park looks likely. Piper’s Lagoon on sunny days was great too, although it’s a bit hit-or-miss. A regular appearance further north perhaps? Maybe May Richards Bennett park near the corner of Dover Road and Mary Ellen Drive? I haven’t tried that one yet.

Comment here or on Facebook if you have any requests. In the meantime I’m working on my event applications for 2017, amongst other things.

2 thoughts on “Start location requests anyone?”

    1. One request for Westwood Lake then, or some place close by. I’ll have to drive up there some day to see if I can actually FIT in the space they’ve allocated for food vendors. Thanks for replying!

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