Smoked Salmon

So today we tested a new menu item, and we’re really happy with it. As soon as we have refrigeration again it’s likely that we’ll introduce it, at least as one of our recurring “special” menu items.

Introducing: galette with smoked salmon, mild goat cheese, spinach, and red onion.

It’s glorious!

Bummer! Closed again.

Well, that went quickly! We opened to a wildly successful Friday and Saturday at the Bathtub Races. Much acclaim, many crêpes and galettes sold!

Then the fridge broke, and refuses to reach a safe operating temperature.  We knew it was on its last legs, but we really really thought it would last more than THREE DAYS after its last very expensive service!  Admittedly, they did warn us, and that if it failed again that we should just give the cooler last rites and replace it. I just didn’t expect it to happen that soon!

So we’re closed until we can replace the cooler. With a NEW one that won’t cost as much in service fees over as half the price of a new one would have cost if I’d just up and replaced it last year in the first place!

Lesson learned, I guess.

We will open 22 July!

22 July, we’ll be at the Bathtub Races.

Well, hopefully. It’s midnight, I’m still seasoning the griddles, and the trailer tyre seems to have developed a flat. But the water system seems to be working, and I’ve even got hot water. The refrigerator seems to have been successfully repaired again, although I’ve been told that if it stops again to just give it last rites and bury it.

But darnit, I think I’ve managed to get the thing ready! I’ll find out tomorrow I guess. If you see me there and the sign still says “closed”, just come say Hi anyway. I’ll probably welcome the distraction.

Still talking to the city about park schedules. More news on that front later.

Bathtub Weekend – maybe

It’s going to be touch and go whether I can make it to Bathtub Races this weekend. We’ve been accepted as a food vendor, and paid the exorbitant entry fees, but we still might not make it.

We will NOT be setting up on Thursday morning, although we were invited to do so. We might be setting up Friday morning if we can get all the issues sorted out. From licensing to refrigeration to me buying the wrong type of glue for the plumbing, it’s been another litany of issues to get going this year. Once we get going we’ll be active year-round, but it’s been a struggle so far, and it looks like it will continue to be a struggle for another few days at least.

Hopefully lessons will have been learned this year, and I’ll be able to avoid them in the future. But only time will tell. Learning from experience can be a very trying time when you’re still in the learning phase, and not in the “no shit, there I was” phase. Lessons are definitely being learned. I’m not sure class isn’t still in session though.