New logo in progress

Hey fans, currently working on a new logo. “Bistro Breizh” is fine, even if most people can’t pronounce it until they learn, but that’s part of the appeal. The regulars know how to pronounce it, and get to feel superior to those who don’t!  🙂  Or something.

But I’ve had one too many “who is Brittany” to suit me. So here’s the first version of the new logo. I’ll probably pass it by someone with artistic skills before committing though. Comments?


Pop quiz!

OK folks, Nanaimo has opened the following park locations to food trailers. Once I get going, where would you like me to set up? I’ll probably rotate through several parks before deciding on two, maybe three “regular” venues, just for variety, but I’m curious as to what you’d like. The choices are:

  • Bowen Park east parking lot
  • Brechin boat ramp
  • Departure bay
  • Harewood Centennial Park
  • Loudon Park
  • Maffeo Sutton Park (although with 6 slots it might get crowded)
  • May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park (I have NO idea where it is!)
  • Merle Logan Field
  • Piper’s Lagoon Park
  • Westwood Lake Park

Check out the Nanaimo food truck schedule calendar to see which food trucks are where in Nanaimo.

June update

Well, the dizziness has been diagnosed and mostly resolved.  I’m now having trouble catching up on fixing the trailer in time to attend events that I would really have liked to attend.  During “down time” I tried to fix and change more than I should have, and now I’m over my head trying to catch up.

I missed Feastival, which was great last year, was probably great this year even if I missed it, and I hope to participate next year. It also looks like I won’t be ready this weekend for the Multicultural festival. Do show your support anyway, but there won’t be crêpes.

I hope to be operating in the next week or two, although no promises. Where is yet to be determined. All I know is: there WILL be crêpes and galettes sometime this summer!