Getting better

After a recent visit to Emergency the doctor did something that seems to have helped. Further work is being done, and I seem to at least be able to live with the problem until my main appointments in July.

So work on the trailer resumes soon, and we’ll be operational as soon as possible, although we’re so far behind it’s going to take a while to catch up. I’m not going to promise anything though – done that before and it didn’t work out.

Health issues

Some hard to diagnose health issues means that I’m not able to drive for now. This means I can’t move the food trailer around.

Unless I can find some place to put the trailer on a semi-permanent basis close enough to home that I can walk to it, I can’t open. The alternative would be to hire someone who can drive a pickup-trailer combination. I’m not sure I can afford to do this yet. I was hoping to build things up a little before hiring someone “full time”.

So for now Bistro Breizh is closed. I don’t know when I’ll be able to open again. It will happen as soon as I can either get better enough to drive, or find that magical someone willing to work part time over the summer.  With zero responses to my last “hiring now” advert, it’s not looking good.