Still no water

I’ve found all the parts I need to fix the water issue, but I still need to put it all together into a working solution. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing that in time to open or anything.

So at the moment the plan is to re-open later this week.  Probably on my regularly scheduled day, Friday, 4 December. By which time I definitely will have at least part of the water problem resolved.  I’ll also be looking at the pump issue, but that one is likely to be more complicated than creating the travel-ready heated water supply line I’m building right now, so I’m going to do that after I get my running water going again.

We’ll see you next weekend, hopefully!

And closed again due to water issues

There is no running water in the trailer. The pump won’t circulate the water internally, and I can’t get the outside water (which works, I tested it) into the trailer. I think I know why the latter is happening, even with the heated hose I purchased, but I’m not sure why the pump isn’t working with the internal water tanks.

So I’m closed due to not having any running water to work with in the trailer. I have no idea when I’ll be open again. Today will be spent trying to diagnose why I can’t get any running water, then I’ll need to see if I can get the parts I need, assuming parts are required.

Open again!

So the boil water advisory is lifted, which means I can open again.

So we’ll be back at Living Forest Campground starting at 09:00 tomorrow (Saturday 21 November) morning. Meanwhile, I’ll see what I can do to avoid having to close again the next time our water supplies are compromised.

See you there!

Closed until end of boil water advisory

Bistro Breizh will be closed until the end of the boil water advisory.

I’d hoped the boil water advisory would be over by now, but it’s not. My water storage tank can’t last more than a day or two of normal business even if it was completely full, and I wasn’t keeping it full since I had the luxury of a water hookup. Lack of planning on my part, unfortunately, although I still would have had to close in a day or two anyway. The extra work and expense involved in using alternative water sources for my dish and hand washing just isn’t feasible at this time.

I’ve been working on ways to make alternative water sources more feasible. But I’m trying to keep expenses down over the winter since business is so slow.  So, for now, until we get clean water on tap again we’re closed.

No more Far Breton. Planning tartes.

Seems the Far Breton isn’t all that popular. Couldn’t even give away the samples I had out, let alone sell any.  So I won’t be making any more until some time in the future.  I might reserve it for events, when there’s more people about.

I’ll shortly be experimenting with apple tarts to see how that works.  However, the very low traffic at the campground has me worried, so I’ll not be making a large batch. Will announce it here when they’re ready.