New Menu!

We have updated the menu, mainly by adding a lot more items. We’ll see what’s popular and what’s not, and those that don’t sell will probably be replaced with other things our fertile imaginations (and fervent research) can discover.

Menu for October 2015 (pdf)

[edit] Or check it out on the web site itself.

Not all the menu items will be available all the time, depending on availability of ingredients and a bunch of other conditions. But I’ll try to have as much of it available as possible. See the menu board for details, or just ask.

Website issues

It seems the server that hosts my website is under a repeating DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. Whereas I have my doubts that it’s directed against my site, unless it’s a jealous competitor, I do share a central physical server and network connection with many other websites. My hosting provider is working on mitigating the issue. There’s nothing I can do about it, and from experience I trust that they’re doing everything they can.

What this means is that sometimes the website (including this blog) will be really, really slow to load, or might even just be unavailable. Thanks for your patience.

If anyone is interested, the site is hosted by out of Toronto. Although when I first joined them they were in Vancouver.  Good, reliable service so far.

Winter update, 19 Oct

So it looks like the slowest day so far at Living Forest comes close to beating the best day I had at the RONA parking lot.  It’s a nice start! Although there seems to be a bit of the whole “nothing, nothing, nothing, HUGE CROWD, nothing nothing” going on. Not complaining, just wondering if there’s a way to predict it so I can have the 2nd griddle working more quickly and folks don’t have to wait so much. Overall  I’m having a good time there. People are pretty cool, and they seem to enjoy what I have to offer.

Over the next day or two I’ll try to get the larger menu boards so that I have room to write down the menu items I’ve been working on for a while. Will also be starting the pastry side of things “real soon now”. I have all the ingredients, I have the tools, I just need to find the energy!

So things are going well. Do drop by some time.

Winter home at Living Forest

Done deal. Our new winter home will be at Living Forest Oceanside Campground and RV Park. Really looking forward to working with them! Awesome bunch of people!

Initial hours, which will be reviewed in a couple of weeks, will be:

Days: Friday to Monday (inclusive)
Hours: 09:00 to 14:00

At some point we’ll probably stay open for two weeks straight then pick the slow days as our off days. Until then, however, that’s the schedule.

Living Forest – awesome!

So we’ve now done two days at Living Forest. It’s been fantastic! People who aren’t in a hurry and who enjoy good food, combined with a staff that’s really helpful and friendly is definitely a winning combination.

We’ve served more in the last two days than we usually do in a week or two, and both the crêpier and the trailer are holding up well under the unusual strain.

So the next step is to convince them that Bistro Breizh should be their “coffee shop” for the winter. Wish us luck!

We’ll be at Living Forest tomorrow (Monday, 12 Oct) from 09:00 to 15:00, just to see what happens. Other than that, we’ll have to see what the new schedule is after the negotiations.

Living Forest approved!

So it’s confirmed, we’ll be at Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV Park on Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th.  Paperwork signed off, location determined, city has approved, and the business license has been updated, so we’re good to go.

We’ll be set up near the reception building, next to (or even inside) site #42.  Which tickles me to no end, and those who are Douglas Adams fans will understand why.

Going to try to get there early in the morning, and will be there so long as people are around. If this weekend goes well we’ll try other days as well, both weekdays and weekends that aren’t long weekends,  just to see what happens and depending on whether Living Forest management is agreeable.

Ow. Closed Wed 7 Oct

Not being in any condition to work, today’s shift is cancelled. Hopefully with sufficient application of various remedies I’ll be able to open tomorrow.  Very sorry for the late notice.

Updated schedule:

  • Wed 7 Oct: closed
  • Thu 8 Oct: open (probably) at RONA
  • Fri 9 Oct: open at RONA
  • Sat 10 Oct: open at Living Forest Campground
  • Sun 11 Oct: open at Living Forest Campground
  • Mon 12 Oct: closed, probably. Depending on demand I might open.
  • Tue 13 Oct: closed

Extra location!

Living Forest Campground has agreed to let me set up there, at least while their coffee shop is closed. Pending approval by the city I’ll be setting up there this Saturday and Sunday to test things out, then we’ll see what happens after that.

I don’t know yet how I’ll divide my time between RONA and Living Forest. It really depends on whether the folks at the campground like what I have to offer or not.

But for the immediate future, if the city agrees to update my license I’ll be at Living Forest Campground on Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 October. At least. More news later.

So schedule is now:
Wed-Fri at RONA, 10:00 to 14:00 (ish).
Sat-Sun at Living Forest, 10:00 to whenever.

Another week done.

Well, another week, another few crêpes and galettes. Business is very slow at RONA, people seem quite focussed on getting building materials rather than eating. I can kind of understand it.  After all, I don’t go to Pita Pit and look for screws and hammers after all.

Trying to get into Living Forest Campground, since it seems that many of the clients I’m getting are actually from there in the first place, and each time I refill my propane there (good prices!) I have folks coming over to ask if I could set up there. I initially thought I couldn’t, but I’ve since confirmed with the city that it’s “multi zoned” and that I could therefore be allowed to be there if I could get permission from the owner – who isn’t calling me back yet. We’ll see if I get in there before Thanksgiving.

Also exploring other options for locations. If you have any suggestions or offers, contact me!

In other news I’ll have a good batch of bulk crêpes and galettes in the near future. Now is the time to just drop by and get some. Or call and I might even be able to deliver. Money back if not satisfied(*), because I believe in what I’ve got to offer.


(*) some conditions apply. Mainly if you eat more than half a package then you don’t get your money back. With exceptions.