Power! More POWER!

Gone and done it. Purchased a new Honda EU7000is generator. One of the quietest generators made today. I’ve had my eye on one for months. Since there’s an increasing number of events I want to attend that require me to have a generator, now seemed like a good time to bite the bullet and get it.

Best part I was able to put the whole thing on the credit card without the usual “extra charge” for doing so with a larger purchase. End of the month really is the best time to be shopping for such items.  Luckily there was a reserve for this very purpose (edit: no, we don’t pay interest cards rates, always gets paid off each month!). Definitely going to have to up my game for events now though!

Honda EU7000is
Honda EU7000is

When it rains, it pours

So went to get the trailer ready for another day and found it somewhat wet inside. Seems there’s a leak, somewhere, and the recent rains had a great time getting inside.  So I’ll be spending the day cleaning and drying things out, trying to trace the leak to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and replacing what needs replacing in the fridge from yesterday’s little misadventure.  While I’m at it I’m going to see about getting a generator.

So closed today (Saturday, 29 Aug) as well.

More bad news

Seems power failed to the fridge today while I was at home, and I didn’t know because I haven’t had the cash yet to implement some kind of remote temperature alarm. So all the perishables have to be replaced (ham, sausage, and so on). This is turning into an expensive hobby rather than any kind of business venture I recognize.

I will therefore probably be late opening Saturday as I try to replace everything that has been lost. Again.

Closed Friday, 28 Aug

Hello everyone, I’m afraid Bistro Breizh will be closed today due to the crêpier really not feeling well. Hopefully it’s a passing thing and I’m currently planning to be back on Saturday.

My apologies if you showed up and didn’t find me there. The usual $1 off in apology next time you see me, assure me you tried to get something today, and mention this post.


Ferry fares oops

Seems I’ve been over-stating the cost of taking Bistro Breizh to the mainland. When I initially did the calculations it came out to about $422 return. Somehow, I got it in my head that this was the one-way price, and I’ve been doubling THAT and rounding up when complaining about ferry fares. Yikes!

Yes, $211 one way, $422 return is still too expensive to take Bistro Breizh to the mainland, but it’s positively cheap compared to the $900 (!!) return I thought it was due to confusion on my part!  And nobody corrected me. So I’m correcting myself.

More events scheduled.

So, under the auspices of “practice, practice, practice”, I’ve signed up for two more events:

Nanaimo Harvest Festival on Wesley Street, Saturday 12 September. (Facebook). Application sent in, but going to need a generator for this one so it gives me a deadline to get that equipment.

Also looking at doing My Street Nanaimo, Nichol Street,  Sunday 20 September. (Facebook). Details to follow.

Still working on speeding things up, and we’ve worked out a few techniques already. Unfortunately one of the real speed-ups, a batter & fillings cooler right beside the billig (en) is out of reach. Some day, definitely.

Coombs, day 2

Well, that was “interesting”. Seems that folks attending a western style rodeo aren’t actually all that interested in Breton galettes and crêpes if there are any alternatives.  As soon as an alternative of pulled pork poutine, fries, and fish tacos was available that’s where they flocked, leaving us pretty much high and dry on day 2. Another possibility is that we made too many people wait too long on Saturday, so they went where they could get faster service. I really don’t know what happened there.

Heartfelt congrats to Unplugged Foodie (if it was them in the purple truck), we heard a lot of complements about your food from folks who thought it came from us.  As for us, it was pretty dead. Overall, another event where we yet again didn’t quite cover our expenses over the weekend. Lots to learn, obviously. Just need to make sure we’re learning the right lessons, which I’m not sure of any more.  But learn we will!

Oh, and Yoshie came up with a wonderful idea on how to speed up making the “something different” galette (spinach and goat cheese). A system we might be able to also implement for the “almost complete” (ham and swiss). Which means I’ll probably be able to add a 3rd billig to the lineup as soon as I get the dratted thing working again!  It won’t solve all my production problems, far from it, but it will help a little.

Coombs, first day lesson

“Standing room only” seems to be the order of the day. I got to sit down once the entire day, and I had to schedule it and close up shop for 30 minutes to do it in order to catch up!!  Hammered them out as fast I could make them on two billig, and it was fairly quick. Could do better, but I think not much better.  This event was the perfect stress test for what I’m able to do so far. Learned a LOT! Fantastic weekend so far from a technical standpoint! Couldn’t be happier about it.

Unfortunately, the main lesson so far is fairly bad news.  We still sold under 90 crêpes and galettes in total, even though we sold as many as we could produce and had a lineup most of the time. This is very much a problem, as we’re still not covering the costs of such an event.  I either need to be able to at least double (at least) my production, or double my prices. And I’m not sure that a galette saucisse or ham-and-swiss can realistically be sold for $10.  I’m not sure I’d buy it, and I LOVE the stuff!!  So if I can’t learn to somehow dramatically increase production capacity then this business might be dead before it even gets off the ground.  Or maybe I need to talk to someone who understands business and marketing and find out what I’m missing. Maybe I really AM way under-priced?  I really, honestly, do not know where to go next. Going to have to find out.

We’ll be there tomorrow as well. It’s still tons of fun dishing out great food to appreciative people though. Can’t beat that!

Stuff happens

Well, it seems my billig aren’t cooperating. Two of them decided that they either needed a new seasoning, or needed a new regulator. As I’m not sure which is which, I’m going to have to do BOTH to BOTH. Which is… annoying.

In other news, in the whole “1 year plan” sequence I’m fairly satisfied, with a couple more “regulars” showing up wondering where I’ve been all their lives. Unfortunately, too many people wanting “hot dogs” and not coming back to make me completely comfortable.   Take that as you will.