Slight hours massage

Having finished with the “open early” experiment, and found it wanting, our opening hours will now be 10:00 to 14:00 minimum. We might open earlier, we might stay open later, but we’ll definitely be there from 10:00 to 14:00.  If we plan to open earlier we’ll try to announce it here first… but that will depend on how far ahead we’re planning.

So, to recap, until further notice we’re now at RONA from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 14:00.

Too cheap?

We’ve had a few people (as in, more than 3, less than 20 so far) tell us that our prices are “too cheap” for the quality of food we’re offering. I’d be happy to believe them, but first, a self-selecting, statistically meaningless, but still influential poll…

We’re selling the following these days:

The galettes are made with “certified” organic whole-seed light buckwheat, water, and grey sea salt from Guérande in southern Bretagne.

Ham & Swiss, $5: galette with Nesvog’s in-house ham and a strong Swiss Emmental. It’s quite filling really.

Spinach & Goat cheese, $6: galette with Chevrai soft goat cheese, sprinkle of finely chopped red onion, several grams of pine nuts, and spinach.

Salted Caramel, $4: galette dipped in a small container of house made salted caramel using “traditional” recipe and know-how (butter, organic sugar, whipping cream).

Are those prices really too cheap?  Would YOU pay more?

Amazing things

Today an amazing thing happened – we sold out. Actually, two amazing things: we sold out, and we had line-ups! Not only did we sell out, but we sold out of EVERYTHING.  Galette batter, goat cheese, emmental, onion, everything sold out at approximately the same time. All I had to offer at the end was grilled ham slices, no sides. So we closed instead, as you do.

Now, if we could have done that a couple of hours later, that would have made it perfect. As it was, it was only almost perfect. I’ll take it!

Barring any issues, we’ll be back at RONA on Wednesday. See you there!

Small steps, one at a time

Today we had our first “100 transaction day”. Small step, but since the previous transaction count was about 100 transactions a week, an important one. Of course, it was during the busiest day when other businesses were posting 1000+ transactions, but again, small steps. I’m in a slightly different market from them, and eventually I’ll find the right venues to cater to the more foodie side of the crowd. Bathtub Days is an experiment and a classroom for me. So far, I’ve definitely learned a lot. For starters, the trailer performed flawlessly. No problems at all so far. I, on the other hand, have learned a few more lessons, and will thus be better prepared for the next challenges.

Small steps. To total domination.  🙂

Picture of 100 transactions on cash register
Silly picture of 100 transactions

Another delay: closed Wed 22 July

Seems I’ll be closed tomorrow after all (Wed, 22 July). The electrical work being done was more extensive than previously thought (the usual “oh wow this shouldn’t be like this”), and the shop was unable to complete the work in the two days they’ve had the trailer. I’ve been promised the trailer back tomorrow, but probably too late to do me any good. So we’re closed Wednesday, but should be at the Bathtub Races starting Thursday as previously planned.


Technical updates in progress

Today the trailer is going in for a technical update. The refrigerator will be on its own UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so that no matter what happens to the power, it keeps running. Two 230 Amp-hour 6 volt batteries in parallel provide the 12 volts necessary to drive the fridge for a while. A 3000 watt inverter takes that power and lets the fridge use it. All that combined with an “intelligent” charger that keeps the batteries automatically topped up whenever the unit is plugged in or being towed (since the truck also provides power when trailer is attached) and we should have a fairly strong system that lets me travel almost any distance while keeping a cold fridge.