Galette Saucisse added!

I might have finally found a good quality, relatively locally made, and affordable sausage that will work with the Galette Saucisse bretonne! Taste test tomorrow with guests – wish us luck!  Will update later.

I’ll be following the rules as specified by a variety of organizations, including the Sauvegarde de la Galette Saucisse Bretonne society. Which is to say: no condiments. No ketchup. No relish. No sauerkraut. If you MUST, a little bit of Dijon style mustard. That’s it. But the quality of the sausage combined with the taste of the galette is what this is all about. Cover your cheap hot dogs with condiments if you must (I know I do), but this isn’t going to be cheap. Inexpensive, hopefully, but never cheap.

end of May update

I was supposed to open 8 May. It’s now 30 May and I’m still working on getting the damn trailer approved by the health authority. Even after that happens, I probably have some more bureaucratic hurdles to deal with, but I don’t know what questions to ask, so I’ll find out when I try to actually try to start selling the food I make. Probably.

It’s been a challenge. Lessons have been learned, but only after the mistakes were made, not before.  Although I’m hoping to never go through that again, if I decide to change from food trailer to food truck, or even change the trailer (highly unlikely) I will have to do all that again.

At the moment, I had three things outstanding on the inspection:

  • The water tanks were too small. This in a trailer that has been APPROVED by the health authority for the last THREE YEARS. Someone wasn’t doing their job, and I’m not at all happy about it. So, additional tanks being installed.
  • The window needs a shield. Which makes sense, there’s always some idiot who is going to reach for the 270°C griddle claiming “it’s not that hot”. That’s now installed.
  • The fridge packed it in during the inspection. NOT happy about that. There was a leak in the coolant line which has now been dealt with. Latest test had the fridge go from 30°C to 2°C in about an hour.  That should be good enough.

Of course, the above masked a number of issues with the trailer as I got it. But everything is being dealt with, and there were no problems that couldn’t be resolved. Next inspection WILL be a pass, and then I can start actually PAYING for this thing, and I can start making people happy with great, traditional Breton food.

Second lesson re-learned.

I’ve been here before. Not enough experience to have an intimate, detailed knowledge of all that can go wrong in a project, but still making predictions and promises. I guess the change of subject confused me enough that I forgot that lesson. That stops now.

No more promises. No more predictions. I’ll be ready when I’m ready. I’ll be open when I’m open. I’m no longer going to try to guess when that’s going to happen. All I can say is that it WILL happen. Tune in here for an announcement when it happens.

As you can guess, more delays because I didn’t know the questions to ask, and thus got blindsided by the answers.

First lesson learned!

So there’s this event I’ve promised to attend this weekend. I’m helping someone else, so it’s not just me affected. We’re supposed to take the trailer down there on Thursday. Except that due to delay after delay, the gas and other fittings are now scheduled for completion end of day Wednesday. Which means we had to book the inspection for 9 am Thursday morning. If I pass, all is good, and we should get down there on time for setup. But if I don’t get that approval that doesn’t leave much room to fix things!! Very stressful situation, and there’s little I can do about it any more.

Solution: pass the inspection. Which means I’ll have to pick up the trailer on Wednesday and work on it during the night in order to get it ready, since the work being done on it isn’t everything it needs.

I expect to make a lot of mistakes as a rookie in this industry. I learn fast, but one of the ways to learn is to make mistakes. Many mistakes means lots of learning, and hopefully I don’t repeat the same errors. Which brings us to the first lesson.

First lesson: when you buy a trailer or food truck that is already approved, don’t change anything. Create sanitation and food plans that match the equipment you already have, then get that approved.  Once you’re approved, then you can change and amend things without losing that all important health board approval, which means you can make money and meet commitments while you’re changing things.  My mistake was trying to “get it right” from the start. Don’t do that. Just get it DONE, then get it right.

Updates… submitted.

Right then. Just to let the world know that the Island Health updates have now been submitted. If all goes well, I get approved on Tuesday. If not… all hell breaks loose because I have a show to attend on Thursday. I can only hope I got it right! I’ve been told I’m over-doing it. They… could be right.

Gas should be done by the end of the week. That means… tomorrow!  All the piping had to be re-done since the new range and the 5 billig will require MUCH more gas to run, so larger pipes all around. It’s a good thing I’ve decided to go with double 100 pound propane tanks, because if I were to ever try to run all the appliances at the same time I’d suck a 40 pound tank dry in minutes.

So we’ll see how things work out. Waiting is the hardest part.

Almost there!!

I’ve heard from VIHA (Island Health) and if all goes well I should be cleared on 19 May. The gas will be done by the end of the week.

Which means that, if all goes well, I should be operational as of 20 May. Just in time for the event in Victoria on the 21st!!

Will be finding out if RONA still wants me in the near future. If not then I’ll have to find another spot.

Nutrition labels

One of the things I’ll be doing is selling galettes and crêpes by the half dozen.  To do this, it’s been suggested that I need to add nutrition labels to the packages. So here’s the label for the galette made with egg:


And here’s the one for galette without egg and a little less salt. Turns out these are MUCH harder to handle, so I’ll only be making small batches of these. I will however reduce the salt in the main recipe.


Nutritional information gathered using the Calorie Count website.

Major delays

Well, it was bound to happen. Things were going just too well. We’ve hit a snag and an undetermined delay in the gas fitting for the trailer. We have no idea when it will get done, the trailer only went into the shop last week, a month later than planned, and we haven’t heard back from them yet. The other source of delay is the Island Health food plan. That one is completely my fault due to procrastination and illness.

So Friday 8 May is definitely not happening. Nor obviously was the April pre-opening. At this point, I have no idea when we’ll be able to open. Once we get some information back from the company doing the gas we’ll let everyone know.