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Bistro Breizh, a mobile concession based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, offering traditional delights of Brittany.

We have a selection of savoury and sweet dishes based on traditional Breton recipes, made as much as possible with quality, locally sourced, non-factory processed ingredients. We will mainly specialize in galettes, which are crêpes made with buckwheat and stuffed with mouth-watering goodness, both savoury and sweet.

As we get established we'll also be offering lesser known dishes from my childhood, such as far breton, and potée bretonne. Even some less Breton dishes such as moules frites, which could be Breton if we squint. The menu is still in development, and will of course also evolve over the seasons and the years.

The only common thread will be that it'll be delicious.


Weekend event!
We'll be at Arbutus Distillery on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 22 to 24 September. We won't be opening at Living Forest Campground during that time.

We'll be back at Living Forest on Sunday, 25 September and will also open on Monday, 26 September to see what happens.

Our regular hours, barring breakdowns, events, or other happenings are as follows: (last updated: 18 Sept 2016)
09:00 to 14:00 ...ish at Living Forest Campground
09:00 to 14:00 ...ish at Living Forest Campground
17:00 to 22:00 at Arbutus Distillery, helping to make their Arbutus Cocktail Lounge a rousing success. We start Friday, 23 September.
10:00 to 15:00 ...ish at Living Forest Campground
09:00 to 14:00 ...ish at Living Forest Campground
Mon, Tue, Wed: closed
However, we will occasionally have events that we attend, so the above is only a guideline. See the scheduling category of the blog for up-to-date details on when and where we'll be open.


As of Friday, 9 September we'll be at Living Forest Campground, with occasional forays to events and other happenings in and around Nanaimo. Yes, it used to say Thursday, 8 Sept but we suffered a plumbing problem.

Events and Catering

We will be attending events throughout Vancouver Island, although probably not beyond that given ferry costs for truck+trailer. We will eventually offer limited catering, but not immediately. In addition, regular patrons will get special invites to experimental gastronomic evenings where we try out new recipes and new menu candidates.

Bistro Breizh News

The last three posts on the news feed are:

Temporary schedule change (Tue, 20 Sep 2016)

In a last minute decision, Bistro Breizh will not be a Living Forest Campground this Thursday, Friday or Saturday the 22, 23 and 24th of September. We will be back on Sunday the 25th, and will also be opening Monday the 26th. This is mainly due to not having the energy to do three 14…

Hours updated (Sun, 18 Sep 2016)

So we’re going to change up the hours a bit.  Things die down fast after 14:00 so we’re not staying around, and Sunday seems to be really busy earlier in the morning, so earlier opening on Sundays. Still considering swapping Thursdays for a Monday opening – any requests? Also making it clear that closing time…

We got LOX! (Wed, 14 Sep 2016)

“lox”, as in cold smoked salmon, not liquid oxygen. We get our lox from Seadrift Fishmarket at Terminal Park mall, and have been quite pleased with the quality of the product they’re providing. Which means our smoked salmon, spinach and goat cheese galette is now available, at least until we run out again. Unfortunately, due…

Search the news blog for the SCHEDULE category to see the latest "where are we" posts.

General Information

Frequently (and not so frequently) Asked Questions

What's that name?
Breizh, pronounced a little like "Braze" with a rolling R, is the Breton language name for Britanny, a region of western France.
Breton? As in Elder Scrolls?
Nope. Breton, as in someone from Britanny (a.k.a. Bretagne, or Breizh). An area best known for granite megaliths, great food, and great drink. Sadly, since the megaliths are too heavy and B.C. liquor laws are too restrictive I can only present the great food at this time. Actual Bretons predate the Elder Scrolls by quite a few centuries.
What's a galette?
Like a crêpe, but unsweetened and traditionally made with buckwheat.
What's a crêpe?
Like a galette, but sweet and made with what is known as "soft" wheat.
Why is your website so crap?
We're spending all our time and energy getting things set up in more important areas. The site is currently a placemarker, laying claim to the name and giving people a glimpse into the future. Once things are more set up we'll probably start doing neat things with the website. Until then, it'll just stay fairly basic.
Where did you train?
Been cooking and baking from the age of 5, apparently. I remember cooking and baking for others from about age 7 onwards. I've taken a few courses in various places, but I've mostly learned by doing. Although I still have lots to do, and lots to learn, I'm quite sure that folks will be pleased with the results so far.
What did you do before?
I try not to talk too much about what I did before. I worked with computers, with most of my career spent working with large, complex installations for large corporations. That's behind me now. The only chips I care about now are the frites I'm considering putting on the menu, either as part of a "galette-frites" (which is definitely more Britain than Breton) or those served with moules-frites (which also isn't all that Breton, but still very tasty).
Where's your menu?
Being worked up. First version will be very simple, and we'll work up from there as we discover what the local tastes are.
In no particular order, links to sites, businesses, and people we like. Either because they're helpful, useful, fun, or all three.


If you want to pre-order galettes to make sure we have enough freshly made, either:
  • text us at +1.250.667.6714
You can try to phone us if you want, but if we can't answer right away you might not be able to leave a message due to limitations with our phone provider.

Someday we'll have a contact form here to allow online orders. That day has not yet arrived.

Contact Info

The main contact email address is:

Or you can phone or text us at +1.250.667.6714 (in Nanaimo)

We're also on Twitter: @BistroBreizh
And Facebook: Bistro Breizh page